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Anything and everything I'm fond of.
Almost all of it is SuJu, with a side of other KPOP groups I enjoy, a good fill of Fahrenheit, favourite book series of all times, TV show I like, and food.


A “Thank you” sometimes is not enough to express the gratitude we have for you.” ♥ 

You’ve done a great job during  this time… Thank you for caring &  protect SJ&ELF, thank you for staying strong for the last 2 years.

My baby,  I’m so proud of you. ♥  We will never forget all you did for us. ♥

I love you. ♥ 

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 Thank you for the last 2 years of protecting Super Junior and Elf.You’ve done a good Job as our leader. We are so proud of you. 


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Hyukjae, thank you for doing your best at keeping Super Junior together and maintaining their strong brotherly bond the past two years. The past two years have been hard on you. You wanted to keep your members and ELF happy, even if the cost was your own happiness. The foreign feeling of becoming a leader, along with all the stress and work that comes along with it must have really tired you out. Leeteuk’s shoes are a difficult pair to fill, but you did your best, and your best was what ELF and Super Junior needed. Sometimes it might be tough having to care for such a large group of boys- some who have cared for you in the past, and some who you call hyung. Please don’t doubt your abilities as a leader. We know you always did your best, which was more than enough. Thank you for always having a calm and clear-headed outlook, even when things got tough, and especially in a group of boys who all have their own unique personalities and problems to settle. You speak your mind beautifully and know how to communicate perfectly to resolve issues. Even though you weren’t born a natural leader, you were born with these qualities of a leader.  You can relax now, because Leeteuk will be back soon. You made the members, ELF and Leeteuk proud.


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h-chul :

heechul expliquant pourquoi il “ne peut être kim heechul” sur or fisher y

joyeux anniversaire à notre cendrillon, notre travailleur le plus acharné et le seul heechul kim ♡

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He can’t stop laughing :”D

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• Happy birthday to the biggest star in the universe… Kim Heechul (◕‿◕✿)

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Happy Birthday to Everyone's Big Space Star! →



Even though he’s blunt, he always knows the right things to say.

Even though he’s a diva, he’s always loyal.

Even though he’s not Lee SooMan, he always try to do the next best thing.

Even though he’s childish, he’s always there for our leader.

Even though he had many bigger…

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